There is a bank that actually lives by progressive values — expanding access to traditionally underserved communities, giving people a financial second chance when other banks won’t, and investing in unions and progressive organizations.

As a sponsor of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the bank wanted to remind influencers and rank-and-file progressives of that fact — to show that in this challenging moment for our country, they stand united with the progressive movement.

The goals were pretty broad, mostly focused on brand awareness, and the campaign lived on banners, signs, and digital ads geofenced to the Convention and in and on taxicabs in the vicinity. My task was to come up with the themes and language that would connect with people, make them remember the bank, and reinforce shared values.

Given the location of the convention, one of the most enjoyable pieces was trying to play on local references, like the storied Philly cheese steak.

Note: because some of my favorite concepts were not selected, I’ve obscured the identity of the actual bank here so as not to align them with any work they did not choose.

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